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Title : An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement
Author: Marie Clay
ISBN: 0435087630
Publisher: Heinemann
Format: Paperback
Price: $ 41.80
Synopsis: This book provides for the systematic observation of young children's responses to classroom reading and writing in the first years of school. It is for: *Classroom teachers who want to be careful observers of young children learning to read and write. It will help to monitor the progress of children in any kind of beginning literacy programme. * For teachers working with children in open, relatively unsequenced programmes of learning to read and write, observation procedures like these are essential. * Teachers who work individually with children having temporary difficulties with literacy learning. * Administrators who require teachers to give them easy to read accounts of individual progress made by children between two points of time. * Students of emerging literacy behaviours who are training themselves to be observers of learners. * Researchers probing how young children learn about literacy.