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Title : Will a Girl Walk Like a Duck & Other Questions about Sex
Author: Dr Lim Su Min
ISBN: 9810425961
Publisher: Martin & Elliott Books
Format: Paperback
Price: $ 13.90
Synopsis: Suitable for teenagers as well as interested parents. The teenage years are an emotionally turbulent time, fraught with confusion and insecurity, and shot through with the heady excitement of sexual awakening. This witty, sane and wise book gives teenagers straight answers to their many questions about sex. By reading the answers to questions posed by their peers, teenagers aged 13 to 18 will find answers, advice, reassurances and important information in this book. This book is also a boon to parents or teachers who are uncertain about how to go about discussing sexual matters with children. This edition features expanded sections on AIDS, homosexuality and sexually-transmitted diseases, sexual issues which have loomed large in recent years. The author is a respected gynaecologist and sex educator in Singapore. He has conducted sex education seminars for teenagers in Singapore for almost two decades.